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Commando Active's Obstacle Course Training is back and even better than ever, with specific sessions tailored for those new to the sport and also to those more experienced, but want to be even better!


We have the most experienced obstacle course trainers around with backgrounds such as a top ranking OCR athlete and a Royal Marines Commando Physical Training Instructor with his own comprehensive OCR video training series!  Who better to educate and challenge you...



If you're a novice and want a totally 'no pressure environment' then this is the perfect place to learn the safest way to negotiate the obstacles, whilst having the time and space to take it steady and maybe even have a go at something you wouldn't have thought you could do before...



Don't worry, if you've done this sort of thing before, but maybe struggled on something in particular or want to get specifically fitter and faster over, under and between the obstacles, then why not try one of our experienced sessions for a full on grip, leg and lung buster, but with stacks of technique thrown in!


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Henfold Lakes, Dorking, RH5 4RW (regular trains from Victoria Station to Dorking, approx 50 minutes on train and 10 minutes by taxi at the other end)





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Simply click here and select the relevant event time and date that you want from the list and you'll be taken through the registration process (existing members can login as normal as select from the calendar)


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Are you looking at reinforcing or improving your team's dynamics through challenging experiences, would you like to have an inter-departmental/business competition or are you a group of friends who want to do something different, then speak to our team to discuss your needs

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